Unsigned Premiere Chart Vote 18th September 2020

Created on September 18, 2020

Choose you favourite track from 18th September’s episode of The Unsigned Premiere Show.


The three winning tracks will be played on The Unsigned Premiere Show next week, from 25th September 2020, and remain in the voting for next week.


Voting ends at 7pm on Thursday 24th September


VOTE CLOSED – Further votes will not be counted

Use the Green arrow to vote for your favourite.

If you’re feeling really nasty you could use the red arrow to drop a song down a place.


If you’d like to hear the track, click the listing for a YouTube video.

(if the YouTube link isn’t present, please email studio@dfm.org.uk with a link and we’ll update the site ASAP)

  • 1


    Give Me Some Time

    Blue Nation

  • 2



    J A X X

  • 3



    Kev Howell

  • 4


    Swallow Me Whole

    Le Fomo

  • 5



    Rémi Boibessot

  • 6


    I Gave Toyah A Pete Drake Badge

    Pete Drake

  • 7


    Rise Above

    ToneStone & NEYXT feat. Christopher Connelly

  • 8




  • 9


    Lost In The World Of A Fantasy

    George Finizio

  • 10


    Back To Life

    Lauren Alex Hooper

  • 11


    Give Me The Rhythym

    Fragile Creatures

  • 12


    The Only Problem for Me

    Chuck Eaton

  • 13



    Dying Oath

  • 14


    Notre Page Blanche

    Christian Gautron

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